When you hire an expert for your solar electrical requirements you benefit from their knowledge of every aspect of the photovoltaic electrical systems. You can rely on their skills and experience Whether you are looking to install a complete new photovoltaic system or maintaining an existing system, Short Electrical can help you through the process. Our trained electricians can help and advise you on the best solar panel products.

Installing solar panels will make you more energy efficient and save you money on your energy bill.


Short Electrical you can rely that our trained electricians can help you achieve this goal.


Our range of services include;

  • Use of only top brands and equipment 

  • Comprehensive design and installation services

  • Installing the best PV system for your situation


Why go photovoltaic;

  • Solar Panels are good for the environment, they helps produce a clean, green source of energy and help reduce you carbon footprint

  • Save money off your energy bills